Submit your photo online

Many students and employees need an i‐card in order to use services on campus. When you're eligible for an i‐card and you need to show, swipe, or scan it, you may request one from an ID Center.

Every university photo ID must bear a recent, clear photograph of the cardholder. ID Centers can take your photo and print your card when you visit campus, or you may submit your own photo in advance.

Who can submit a photo?

Most on-campus students and employees need IDs, so they can submit their ID photos:

  • Students. You must be eligible to register for the current or next semester. You must also be taking classes on campus for credit.
  • Employees. Your employee status must be active. Your employee group must be that of a faculty and other academics, academic professional, civil service, or post doc(toral) employee.

Who cannot submit a photo online?

Both need and eligibility for a regular, physical i‐card determine who may submit a photo. These groups are currently excluded:

  • Non-degree and non-credit students. These students are not formally admitted to a university or program, and so they aren't eligible to receive i‐cards.
  • Online degree students. These students aren't on campus, so they don't need an i‐card.
  • Other employees and retirees. Extra help workers may only receive IDs at ID Centers—and only when their hiring unit requests one for them. Retired employees and emeriti professors receive special i‐cards, so they too must visit an ID Center.

What to expect when you use SubmitMyPhoto

Your work is easy: you log in, upload a photo, submit it for review, and log back in occasionally to monitor the status of your submission. Here are the essentials you need to know:

  1. Eligibility. Submitting a photo doesn't guarantee that you will receive an i‐card. Submissions can be rejected for card ineligibility reasons.

  2. Photo selection. Your i‐card is for official identification: think more LinkedIn, and less Snapchat! After three photo rejections, you'll have to get a photo taken at an ID Center. Why not ask for an advisor's opinion before you submit your pic? Keep in mind that once your photo is approved, you cannot change it.

  3. Card pickup. You can log in anytime (below) to see how your request is progressing. Same-day, next-day, or on-demand service is not available when you use SubmitMyPhoto. The queue of submitted photos can be thousands long, so please be patient!

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