Get an i‑card

The i‑card is the official ID for the University of Illinois. An i‑card is required to access many services, and student first-day processes too. However, there's no requirement to have or carry an i‑card—if you don't need one. Get your i‑card when you need it. If you do use your i‑card, make sure that it indicates your current role.

This page explains who is eligible to get i-cards and how to get one.

Who is eligible for i‑cards

Traditional students, active faculty and staff, and many retirees are eligible for i‑cards. i‑cards are issued only to people who need a physical card in order to obtain a service or product they receive in person.


Degree-seeking students who are taking one or more classes on campus may obtain i‑cards.

However, some other students are not eligible for i‑cards:

  • Degree-seeking students enrolled only in online courses may be eligible for non‑photo i‑cards. This card-issuing process differs on each campus. Contact your ID Center for more information.
  • Non-degree and non-credit students are not eligible for i‑cards. These students are not formally admitted to a university or program and are not eligible for services.

Many students who don't receive i‑cards are still able to access library resources with a library account number. Contact your university library to confirm available services. If you'd like to request a library account number, email your ID Center from your ".edu" account and include your University Identification Number (UIN).

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff who have an active appointment in Banner are eligible for i‑cards. Agency employees working for UI Health are eligible for UI Health i‑cards.


Annuitant retirees qualify for a Retired Faculty and Staff i‑card. Emeriti faculty may receive an Emeritus Faculty or Emerita Faculty i‑card instead when they supply additional proof. Contact your ID Center for assistance.

How to get an i‑card

Your first i‑card is free but some replacements cost $20. See how to replace your card for more information.

ID Centers require a current proof of identity before issuing any ID. The entire name shown on your proof of identity must match what is on your university record in Banner. A new photo is required for every photo ID issued.

Here's the complete process to get an i‑card:

  1. Confirm your current status is accurate in university records:
    • Students must be eligible to register in the current or next term.
    • Faculty and staff appointments must be completed and active in Banner.
    • Retirees should phone their ID Center to confirm their status.
  2. Decide whether to submit your own i‑card photo in advance. Photo submission may take several days and is an option, not a requirement. Visit the page for your campus to learn more:

    Your photo must be approved first before you can have it printed on your i‑card at an ID Center.

  3. When you're ready to get your i‑card, make sure you have a valid proof of identity with you and proceed as follows:
    • Students: visit your ID Center.
    • University faculty and staff: visit your ID Center.
    • UI Health staff and agency employees: attend your UI Health employee intake session. Contact the UI Health ID Office (312-355-2230) for more information.
    • Retirees: phone your ID Center before your visit. Have your UIN or NetID handy when you call.

ID Centers

The university's ID Centers issue all i‑cards and can answer your card-related questions: