Visitor and other affiliate cards

ID Centers issue ID cards to visitors, extra help workers, OLLI Scholars, Research Park employees, and others. You can't request an ID card for yourself; your employer or sponsor must request one on your behalf.

ID Centers do not provide any of the services accessed by ID cards. If you want or need certain services (library privileges, for example), contact the units that provide those services.

Visitor IDs

Visitor ID cards may be issued to short-term guests, community members with a paid campus recreation membership, and other persons with short-term, limited, and/or less formal affiliations.

Only a University of Illinois unit may request an ID card for a visitor; visitors cannot make that request for themselves. Contact an ID Center to learn more.

Extra Help IDs

Extra Help workers who need an ID card for door access, time clock entry, or other job-related uses may be issued an Extra Help ID. Only units may request Extra Help IDs. Contact an ID Center for more information.

Other affiliate cards

OLLI Scholars, employees of University Related Organizations, and others may be eligible for an ID card. Contact your unit or an ID Center to find out more.